Darwin Disproved by Fertile Filipinas

Writers Note: As with all my pieces, this one is meant to be personal and humorous. I have no interest in news or documentary style writing. I make no universal proclamations; that is other than the fact I like Filipinas! DW

I’ve already written that many Filipinas are very interested in having a baby with a Westerner. There’s just something about white skin, blue eyes and a long nose that drives them wild.

Janet agrees with this sentiment, though still has a hard time understanding why genetically I can’t give her a blue-eyed baby. “Not every race produces blue eyes. After all, there aren’t any blue-eyed Filipinos either,” I said.

“Sure there are. Ones with a foreigner father.”

“But not this foreigner father,” I said.

She eventually understood well enough to giggle and said, “So if I ever have a blue-eyed baby, I would be in trouble?”

“Big time,” I agreed.

But it was her other core genetic belief that really threw me. Driving in the car we were having a discussion on just this subject when I mentioned, “Of course, even if we have a child, it’s just as likely that he or she will have dark skin and a small, cute, flat nose like yours.”

“No, I don’t think so. She will be white with a long nose. I’m positive.”

I tried to be mature and reasonable; that’s what you do at 61. “But you wouldn’t be disappointed if a child turned out looking more Filipino than Caucasian?”

“That’s not possible. The white always overcomes the brown.”

“You’re kidding, right?”

“No, everyone knows that. When a Filipina has a child with a foreigner the child looks like the foreigner.”

“Right now Darwin is rolling over in his grave.”


Darwin was pretty white and long nosed himself

“When a Filipina has a child with a foreigner the child looks like the foreigner.”

I tried reasoning with her, “But look at my kids.”

Now, I have two teenagers whose mother’s heritage is from the Carribbean; a mix of several races but certainly leaning mostly toward African-American.

Janet agreed that while my kids had some of their mother’s qualities, they were mostly me. No matter how much I argued logically, quoted law of averages, genetic theory, and all that crap, Janet is convinced of her position. Not only does she believe, as I already knew, that white skin and a long nose are better qualities to have, she believes that genetically they are superior qualities. In other words white trumps brown.

I approached a mutual Filipina friend. A medical professional, I figured she would certainly be able to set Janet straight. She listened to my dilemma and thoughtfully answered, “Dave, everyone knows that when a foreigner and a Pinay have a baby, the baby looks like the foreigner. That’s why we want you.”

“What about genetics?” I asked.

“Everyone knows the white genes are stronger than the weaker brown ones.”

“I musta missed that chapter when I studied Darwin.”

11 thoughts on “Darwin Disproved by Fertile Filipinas”

  1. This is of course about perspective. She sees the changes a Caucasian ads to an Asian child… her “normal” is an Asian so she automatically notes the Caucasian traits in mixed children while you will tend to do the same only in reverse.

    When they are yours, your kids are just that, your kids. Their features are just “kids”, but in my case at least my Filipina always looks and… feels… like a Filipina to me. Thank goodness. I really love that Filipina skin.

    1. I’m no geneticist. I am sure that in some way humans are hardwired to be attracted to differences. I certainly am attracted to the differences in my wife and would be happy if we ever had a child, if the child looked like her.

  2. Okies…I found a way in! Yea!! Dave, might want to change the word “Filipinas” to “Filipina” in your Writers Note…lol.

    Regarding this topic, I have a good friend who is married to a Filipina and the kids are both beautiful. The husband is Dutch with blue eyes. Well both kids have brown eyes and nice tanned skin so hate to say it Janet, but they lean more on the Filipino side looks wise but that’s a good thing!!!!!

    1. Thanks Pete! Well, I do like “Filipinas” but am happily married to just one “Filipina.” So, hopefully I am not in trouble!

  3. Here’s a pic of one of our “fans” and his Fil-Am kids. He just wanted to show an example of what Fil-Am kids look like.

    BTW, I just implemented an attachment feature to the comments, so anyone else who wants to do this can feel free.

    1. I looked at your kids and thought they are a nice combination of you and your Filipina wife. Janet saw the pic and thinks they look mostly like you lol

      BTW, while the attachment plugin works well, you’ll notice you it creates a square photo – so that’s a bit limiting.

  4. Want to know the best thing about this blog?

    The way Janet always let’s you know the important stuff!

    Seriously, Janet, you have a way of putting things into perspective that I have not found in a blog or a forum before. And you do it so effortlessly!

    1. Thanks for pointing that out, Bob. I have encouraged Janet to comment and am still trying to get her to write a piece. I hope now that she realizes that people want to hear her perspective – not just mine.

      And yes, she keeps me in line on the important stuff 🙂

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