Katy Perry Don’t Play Cribbage

Janet wants to learn an American card game and I am teaching her Cribbage. OK, Cribbage is English but we’re basically all Kanos.

We’re sitting at the coffee table in our living room. “Music,” she commands. I fire up the Apple TV which streams my iTunes library. I select Shuffle Mode. Now, I have about 6,000 songs in my library: 90% jazz and 10% old rock and pop from my misspent youth. I also have about 20 songs I downloaded for Janet. What are the odds that the first song that plays over the TV and music system is by Katy Perry?

At that moment my 18-year old son walks in, looks at his 61-year old father playing cards with his 26-year old wife, listening to Katy Perry. He musters all the cynicism his 18-year old psyche can generate, says, “Really?” and walks off.

Clearly I need to have a conversation with my son about what men will do for women.

One thought on “Katy Perry Don’t Play Cribbage”

  1. ( Really Dad? Really?? ) Hmmm watch out ,the only son cannot believe of what he saw & heard from his Dad w/ his lovely wife. Ohh poor son,isn’t it obvious that your dad is in good hands?

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