You Too Can Blog for Fun and Profit

I’ve been blogging for something like 5 months and have been having a blast doing it. As a sometime writer I knew I would enjoy the writing process. What I didn’t realize is how much I would enjoy the reactions.

Friends, relatives and co-workers are reading  Married a Filipina. They comment to me often – sometimes even positively. And I’ve made plenty of new friends who find and friend me on Facebook. Of course to some of the Filipinas who’ve friended me recently I have to say, “Sorry, I am happily married :)”

So now is the time to share the joy, so to speak. Are you married or in a relationship with a Filipina? Are you a Filipina married or in a relationship with a kano? Do you have a funny or fun story to tell, a perspective to share, a point of view, a gripe? Well I want to hear it and I am sure that other readers of Married a Filipina would love to hear it also.

So, if you would like to contribute, we want you! Contact me here on the blog or on FB. And BTW, don’t worry about your writing skills – I never do.


3 thoughts on “You Too Can Blog for Fun and Profit”

  1. Howdy Dave. This is the first I’ve seen this post, but I would be willing to do some guest blogging if you think I can contribute. I have added you blog to my links on my blog, so I hope that helps get a few more people to you. If you would like to do a few stories for my blog, that would be cool too, Most of my stories are about on Samar, but I venture out at times, so it’s no problem.
    I’ve been married to my Filipina wife now for … well it will be 35 years this coming April. I can tell you also that the bad temper thing seems to be Philippine wide for the most part.
    Let me know about that guest blogging, both ways, and we’ll see what we can come up with.

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