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OK, that title was a great setup line and I am not interested in being literally told where to go. Since you’re not my kids or either of my exes, you don’t get to do that.

However, Janet and I are very excited. Last night we booked our flight to return to the Philippines. We will be there for three weeks  from April to May!

So now I am giving you, dear readers of MarriedaFilipina, an opportunity to tell us “where to go;” your favorite place in the Philippines and why.

Our trip will have 3 pillars: family, travel/fun, and future living. Regarding family, we will spend about one week in Alcoy, Janet’s home town, 3 hours south of Cebu City. I know she misses her family terribly and I look forward to seeing them also. They have always been wonderful to me and the energy surrounding family get togethers makes me soar.

The other couple weeks we want to spend having fun, exploring, and checking out spots to live in in our dotage (coming much faster for me than for Janet).

Other than our plans to be in Alcoy, we also will spend part of our time (perhaps just a few days) re-visiting the Dumaguete area in Negros. I really liked what I saw of Duma and Valencia last year, and would consider it for that for that upcoming period of my dotage, so any other recommendations in that area or surrounding Negros areas would be considered.

Janet of course believes that life in the Philippines starts and ends on Cebu, and so any recommendations on Cebu island would be eagerly appreciated. I am considering a stop in Moalboal for the snorkeling and Janet has talked about the falls in Badian.

Where else? There are over 7100 islands in the Philippines and I am open to exploring any or all of them. Let’s see – if I visit 100 islands a year I can see them all by the time I turn 133. Sounds like a plan and your help is appreciated.





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  1. I think that Malapascua Island & Puerto Galera are very good for diving or snorkeling too my loves. And I consider that possibility. Let’s check it out!

  2. Well, It is quietly said “Discover Samar Before Others Do!” but I won’t spread that around. We like it just the way it is. Definitely not your fast-paced hustle and bustle you would find in a big city and not so slow that turtles get excited. Plenty of beaches, waterfalls and caves to explore. I’m simply here to relax on the island of coconuts.

  3. Malapascua is great. My first trip to the Philippines included a week in Malapascua. WONDERFUL place. That was before the typhoon though. I stayed at “The Blue Water” and the owner, Janet de Dios was wonderful.

  4. Stay out of the water if you go to El Nido. There has been several government public health warning, and I met one Guy who got very sick when he arrived back in Australia. He was unaware of the pollution warning.

    I am surprised that you do not have Southern Leyte on your list; given that it has arguably the best dive sites in The Philippines.

    You will also get to Eden , I and hopefully our yet to be born baby.

    Oslob in Cebu is blacklisted by many foreigners because the artificially feed the Whale Sharks, and is akin to a zoo at times. This is keeping them in the area longer and interrupting their migration pattern. This could ultimately lead to their total extinction.

    In Sogod Bay there is no such feeding allowed. They are here, but not as abundant.

    We (including addition) hope to see Janet again and you (for the first).


    1. Surprised by your El Nido comment, Pascal, but I had heard about what you said about Oslob. Its a strong consideration for us since it’s near Alcoy, but we will see.

  5. Dave, if you find yourself going north from Dumagueti up toward Canlaon, I have a good friend-very accomodating (not a drinker type) Expat from Florida that would be happy to show you around. I can hook you up with him and his wife. A simple but interesting time you will have as he knows many locals and quaint restaurants in the area-plus it’s cool ther (elevated location)-a break from the heat.

    1. Thanks Steve. I’ll let you know if we head in that direction. I am interested in Bacolod which I hear is a very nice city.

  6. We offer a Van service from NAIA to any point on Luzon Island. Also you are welcome to spend a day or two here at our place in Balagtas, Bulacan. 40 minutes north of SM North EDSA Mall, just next to the NLEX Toll Road. Our closest neighbors are 4 horses. My cell here is 09088656806 and you can SKYPE us at (arthur.netteler). I am 62 and Ana is 40 going on 25…lol…

  7. Again we are commenting… Ana and I are going to be in Moalboal in June for certain. But we could visit there earlier if enticed to do so. We have a large property on Negros Occidental Island in Sagay City. We are going to meet friend that live in Moalboal in June as that is when they will be back in the Philippines. And we will be doing our Annual Visit to the Sagay City Property. Our Caretakers there are really a wonderful family. We would be honored to show you around the Luzon Area like Subic, Clark, Baguio City.

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