4 thoughts on “Babymaking in the Philippines”

  1. It’s up to you and your wife,nobody else. I agree with raising your baby here but since your in the US. You might wanna stay until your child is at least 2y/o and had most immunizations. Good luck and God bless.

  2. Interesting video, I am 58 with 3 adult children, my asawa is 47 (although she looks about 30) I’m not desiring any more children but my asawa has never had a child and most women want a child, in the Philippine culture its almost mandatory, they are EXTREMELY family oriented. The chance of my wife having a baby are greatly reduced because of her age but it often happens, none the less. So we’ve agreed that if she doesn’t have a baby we will live in America, if she does we will move to the Philippines. I tried to explain that in America its pretty odd for people my age to have babies, but she’s never been here so she doesn’t grasp our culture. In the Philippines their culture is (I can’t really articulate this properly) very tolerant. For instance they believe very strongly that homosexuality is wrong but the don’t seem to mistreat homosexuals. My wife attends a very conservative evangelical church, but homosexuals were welcome there. Filipinos are just, I guess the closet I can come to describing it is to say “polite” about others choices.

    1. Hi Greg:

      I agree that Filipinos are tolerant of other choices, including older men with younger Pinays. Good luck with your children decision!

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