2 thoughts on “Cultural Antics Between Kanos and Filipinos”

  1. You really think there is real Love? I been in Philippines 25 times and dated over 120! I have 4 friends that married Pinay woman and brought them here to the USA. Every one ended up the same over time! If you are not supporting there family with your money or your wives money they will be gone! It took me 5 years to learn that and over $150,000. They are with you for money and a better life for there family! Just think when you were in your early 20’s! Would you marry a 50+ old woman! It is disgusting and gross! They do it out of need not love! As soon as they comfortable here and find younger they will be gone! I met a man which was my driver in Manila. He was old and wise Pinay man. He told me that if the woman has no job YOU are there job! I laughed at him and then 5 years later he was right! If they have an education, job and money they will never date us! If you go to the internet cafe s you will see many chatting foreigners some 2 at a time! Some have Bf or husbands standing close to them but out of view of cam! As you stated that they want you to accept there family and love them! Which means to support al there needs!!!! The only way that It can truly work is if the man is within 10 years of the woman.

    1. While I am sorry to hear of your bad experiences or of the bad experiences of anyone, it doesn’t make it universal. I must know 100 guys in happy long-term Fil-Am marriages. If you spent $150K – that’s a you problem. I would never do that, nor could I.

      As to the age gap issue, that’s been debated to death. Age gap marriages have existed as long as marriage has existed. In point of fact they were common in Western cultures up until the last couple generations. And traditionally all marriages have been and still are at least partially financially based. How many Western wives would tolerate a husband who does not bring in any money, no matter how handsome he was or how much she loved him.

      It sounds like Filipinas or the Philippines in general is not for you. Again that doesn’t make it a universal experience – just your experience.

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