2 thoughts on “Update on Move to Philippines”

  1. Hi Dave have you moved to the Philippines already? I am from Cebu City , Philippines. I do believe that you will be living in Alcoy, Cebu? Very nice place to settle in. I hope you can text me if you have any concerns regarding hospitalization costs in the Philippines. I am a Financial Advisor from AXA and I specialize on global hospitalization. AXA can cover you and your wife Janet with unlimited hospitalization with any of our major hospitals here. For your age of 62 if i’m not mistaken, your premium is P 106,560 or around $2,131.20 a year, and for Janet since she is only 27 years old, the premium will only be P43,200 or $864 a year and the coverage is already unlimited, which you can use both local and worldwide. Best regards Dave and I wish you a pleasant stay in our lovely province Cebu.

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